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Brave New Girls: Tales of Girls Who Tech and Ti...
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Tech-savvy girls in sci-fi worlds. Journey into sci-fi realms where girls use their skills and brains to save the day. See scouts who save the world from AI overlords. Travel to the edges of space with girls who dare to go head to head with giant interstellar corporations. Watch as ladies take down nefarious hackers, innovate space travel, and defeat aliens. This 29-story collection has something to delight, enthrall, and fascinate every age. All revenues from sales of this anthology will be donated to the Society of Women Engineers scholarship fund. Let's show girls that they can be the next generation of innovators and inventors. Stories by: Julie Bragdon, J.D. Cadmon, Glen Damien Campbell, Russ Colchamiro, M.L.D Curelas, Paige Daniels, Caroline David, M.M. Davies-Ostrom, George Ebey, Mary Fan, Janina Franck, Thomas Gondolfi, Margaret A. Hanson, Monty Harper, T.A. Hernandez, Andrew K. Hoe, Nicole Iversen, A.A. Jankiewicz, Blake Jessop, Kris Katzen, Claire McCague, Jelani-Akin Parham, Josh Pritchett, Mackenzie Reide, Jennifer Lee Rossman, J.R. Rustrian, Joanna Schnurman, Denise Sutton, Raphael Sutton.

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